Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen


Arduino IDE is an open-source tool that allows users to write and upload code to a work environment in real-time. It offers an online editor and a local application, giving users the choice to save their code on the cloud or on their own computers. Arduino IDE is compatible with any Arduino-based software board. The software can be installed on a Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. Most of the code is written in JavaScript which allows for efficient editing and compilation.


Board Management: The board management module allows user to select the specific board they would like to be working on at any given moment. There is a dropdown menu that gives users the option to change the board they are working on easily. In addition to that, when a user changes the board they are working on, PORT info and data they need whilst working on the new board is automatically updated.

Straightforward Sketching: In Arduino IDE, users can create programs within with a text editor, these programs are called sketches. The process is streamlined and easy to understand as well as interactive. Great for any level of knowledge.

Multi-Platform Application: Arduino IDE is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It is also accessible from the cloud. This is great because it provides users with the choice to create and save their sketched on the cloud or to build programs locally and upload to the board

Vast Library: Arduino IDE has over 700 integrated libraries. The libraries were written by other members of the Arduino community and they offer a way for other users to utilize the libraries for their own use without having to install any additional material.

Third-Party Hardware Support: Although Arduino IDE is designed for Arduino boards, it also supports third-party hardware. This feature makes the use of the application a bit more extensive.

Simple Sketch Sharing: On the cloud version Arduino IDE gives users the capability to share sketches between other, this process involves each sketch having a unique URL. The recipient of the sketch can then then access the code and save it to the cloud or download it on their computers.

Project Documentation: Project documentation allows Arduino IDE users to keep track of their progress and any changes they make. It also allows user to employ sketches on to their boards easily.


Arduino IDE is perfect for beginners, hobbyists, small businesses, freelancers and anybody who wants to be a part of the Arduino community.


  • Compatibility with many modules
  • Easy to install
  • Hands-on C++ programming language
  • Ability to create your own library as per your requirement
  • Expandable to lots of other modules or microcontrollers serving similar purpose
  • From beginners to experts environmentally friendly and easy to learn and design complex tasks
  • Lots of inbuilt example sketches written pre handedly further minimize the code complexity. Bootloader dumping feature available. Available on android and IOS devices


  • Libraries sometimes clash with one another
  • Weak programming language support for microcontroller
  • Little information regarding the coding language

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