DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit WITH Electronic Sound Amplifier

Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen

The DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit allows you to learn exactly how speakers work while having lots of fun building your own Bluetooth speaker. The installation method has been specifically designed to offer kids the opportunity to explore electronics, sound, and speakers through hands-on activities.


The kit is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and two 4-ohm subwoofers each 2 inches in diameter. All the wooden components in the kit are laser-cut. A dual channel Bluetooth Amplifier board is included as well along with clear and simple instructions on how to set up and use the DIY Speaker kit. The speaker is powered by four batteries and it can be connected to your PC or mobile phone.


The DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit is very child friendly and every single part of the kit is safe for children (save for children under 3, small parts are included). No soldering is required so it is very easy for kids to work on the speaker by themselves with no difficulty. With this kit, you can build, customize, disassemble, build and customize over and over again with ease, all thanks to the easy installation method, rugged and durable parts, and no need for soldering/welding.


As for the quality of the sound, this speaker offers nothing special. However, for the price, the sound is not too shabby. Some users have experienced problems with distortion when they turn the volume up to full but we have found that that can be curbed if you keep the volume on your device underneath 80%-70%. Unfortunately, the kit has no integrated volume knob so you will have to adjust volume from your device.


Overall, the DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit is a great little kit for kids between 7-14 years old who are interested in sound, DIY electronics and tinkering. It is child friendly, easy to use, cheap and it not only offers good fun but it also offers a great learning opportunity.

You can get yours here for $20.

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