The Raspberry Pi 7” touch screen display allows users to take even more advantage of their single-board computers to several integrated projects such as tablets, home automation systems, infotainment systems, car pc’s and embedded projects.
Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen

Build a Microcontroller Hand Sanitizer Dispenser to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Protect your family with a simple microcontroller hand sanitizer dispenser and reduce your sanitizer expense during this pandemic. This tutorial will help you put together the device in less than an hour.

Secure Your Home with Raspberry Pi SMS Garage Door Butler

Get better home security with a simple SMS garage door opener application. Learn to build Raspberry Pi SMS garage door butler and enjoy features like video logging, email notifications, and access to who can open your garage door.

How to Build an Arduino UV Sanitizing Robot for Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that has killed thousands of people. Learn to make your own Arduino UV sanitizing robot to combat it and slow its spread so you can protect your family and others around you. All it takes is a couple of components and a bit of code.