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ELEGOO MEGA 2560 PROJECT: The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit

The ELEGOO MEGA2560 complete starter kit includes more than 200 components of the utmost premium quality that will enable you to tackle an endless number of projects.
Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen

12 Home Automation Software Solutions To Choose From

With the rise of SBCs and microcontrollers, home automation is no longer a far-fetched dream. It is the reality. From automatically scheduling gardening and cleaning to operating lights, window blinds, and heating, anything is achievable within a budget in 2021.
Author: Darhan Saami

Automating Your Home with A Raspberry Pi: Easier Than You Think

With 2021 in full swing, it is almost inevitable for us to have heard of “smart homes” or “automated homes.” The idea behind these fancy terms is quite exciting and straightforward: you should be able to communicate and control devices around in your house through the internet. In this blog, we shall learn how to automate our home sweet homes using Raspberry Pi boards.
Author: Darhan Saami

Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2: Review and How-To

The Raspberry Pi Camera v2 is a high-quality 8-megapixel add-on board designed for Raspberry Pi. The Pi Camera v2 is a second-Generation Raspberry Pi Camera Module and it comes with a fixed-focus lens as well as a new custom-designed Sony IMX219 image sensor.
Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen

An Introduction to Arduino Compatible Sensors

The Arduino is an incredible product that has been celebrated by numerous tech and electronics enthusiasts worldwide. However, there is only so much an Arduino can do on it’s own. This is where countless Arduino-compatible add-ons and modules come into play.
Author: Darhan Saami

A Comparison of Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino Uno: Where Lines are Blurred

Raspberry Pi’s are microcomputers developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an NGO that creates these devices at affordable costs. Arduino chips are single-board devices used to build digital devices and systems. The functionalities and applications associated with both Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s are quite similar and expansive.
Author: Darhan Saami


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