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Build a DIY Arduino Air Quality Analyzer using Nova PM Sensor

Air quality can significantly impact your health in the short and long run. Learn more about your air quality with a DIY Arduino air quality analyzer and identify the pollutant level in your home.

Build a DIY Arduino Pedometer using Accelerometer

Physical activity was always important, but it has become more important in this pandemic. Measure your physical activity with a DIY Arduino pedometer that doesn’t cost much and gives accurate results!

Build a DIY Raspberry Pi Keyboard Case for $20 or Less

Do you want a durable Raspberry Pi case without any technical hassle or money? In this tutorial, we give you a step-by-step process for building one. Learn to create a DIY Raspberry Pi keyboard case for just $20.

Automating Your Home with A Raspberry Pi: Easier Than You Think

With 2021 in full swing, it is almost inevitable for us to have heard of “smart homes” or “automated homes.” The idea behind these fancy terms is quite exciting and straightforward: you should be able to communicate and control devices around in your house through the internet. In this blog, we shall learn how to automate our home sweet homes using Raspberry Pi boards.
Author: Darhan Saami

Build A Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo in 7 Steps

If you love building Raspberry Pi projects, here’s a great one for you. Build Raspberry Pi Amazon echo with all the awesome features you would find in the original echo!


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