Build a DIY Arduino Air Quality Analyzer using Nova PM Sensor

Air quality can significantly impact your health in the short and long run. Learn more about your air quality with a DIY Arduino air quality analyzer and identify the pollutant level in your home.

Three Cool Projects You Can Do On Your Arduino Uno: Home Automation, Handwash Timers & Automatic Plant Irrigation

Arduino Uno is the best gadget to get started with programming or developing your systems based on your wants and need, including home automation, handwashing timers and automatic plant watering systems as seen in this article.
Author: Darhan Saami


The Arduino Student Kit is a learner’s kit packaged by Arduino that is aimed at beginners. The kit is designed to help you learn the core concepts of programming, coding, and DIY electronics. It is divided into nine step-by-step lessons and two open-ended group projects. The kit contains all the necessary hardware and software components to help with your learning. Including boards, sensors, actuators, and access to an interactive online platform.
Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen