Build a DIY Arduino Pedometer using Accelerometer

Physical activity was always important, but it has become more important in this pandemic. Measure your physical activity with a DIY Arduino pedometer that doesn’t cost much and gives accurate results!

DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit WITH Electronic Sound Amplifier

The DIY Bluetooth Speaker Box Kit allows you to learn exactly how speakers work while having lots of fun building your own Bluetooth speaker. The installation method has been specifically designed to offer kids the opportunity to explore electronics, sound, and speakers through hands-on activities.
Author: Zen Kuda Nixjoen

Getting Involved in DIY Tech Communities

It is always fun to connect with people that share a similar mindset, whether that may be with studying, playing sports, or sharing other hobbies. The DIY tech project hobby is also something that can only be strengthened if shared by a group of people. Joining or making a tech community would be beneficial for all the participants since it encourages a learning environment that eventually improves everyone’s personal projects. Being a part of some tech communities would not only increase your interest in your projects but could become a safe place to fully express yourself to like-minded individuals.
Author: Darhan Saami